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Roadtrip: Dilofo – Kipi – Koukouli – Kapesovo – Tsepelovo – Dilofo

Dilofo’s parking lot is about 1.5 km away from the provincial road. We continue on the left and at about 2 km we meet the bridge of Captain Arkouda and shortly after the impressive bridge of Kokkoris.

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Continue and go right to Kipi. At the entrance of the village is the beautiful three-stringer bridge of Plakidas (Kalogeriko) and other smaller bridges, both before and after the village.

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In Kipi it is worth taking a look at the folklore museum of Agapios Tolis and the church.

If you continue after Kipi (6-7 km), you reach the village Negades with the amazing church! Small, quiet and perfect for a small stroll!

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Return to Kipi and continue for the village Koukouli.
It is worthwhile to walk inside the village and see the Botanical Museum Lazaridis. On the main road below Koukouli you will see the old path of the stairs of Vitsa. It is worth walking to the bridge of Misiou (about 30 minutes) at the beginning of the Vikos gorge.

On the return stop for a liqueur at “Vikogiatros” (to read the article click here) … do not drink too much because you drive!


Return to the car and continue for Kapesovo. It is a very beautiful village to have a walk with an impressive old school and a beautiful square.

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Here we recommend Sterna for coffee and tsipouro!

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We continue towards Tsepelovo. Just before you reach the village and on the right you will see the old Monastery of Ai Yannis of Rogovos. It is nice to see and walk the small path (5 minutes) to the relatively unfamiliar part of the gorge (Vikaki)

In Tsepelovo you can walk the area around the square and maybe enter and see the wonderful church of Agios Nikolaos.


It is a wonderful route and you will come across hand-made shops like “Sokaki”, which uses materials from the surrounding area and also brings handmade products from Ioannina! We made a stop and saw the shop and their workspace and we totally recommend it!

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In the same direction after Tsepelovo and Skamneli there is the site Gyftokambos, with the replicate of a Sarakatsaniko village.

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Returning to Dilofo and before reaching Kapesovo, … if you still have time and courage, you can visit Vradeto at 1,300 meters altitude. From this village begins a path leading to the location of Beloi (20 minutes walking), a position that is located almost opposite of Oxia, in Monodendri.

Do not get disappointed by the first meters of the route! The view that you get is a reward!!

The whole route has many attractions and many kilometers and is recommended to be done in 2 days! It’s a must for a weekend!

Have fun!!

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