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“Vikoyiatros” The doctor of Vikos gorge

On a road trip the most important part is where you are going to stop! It makes the miles you have travelled worth their while and gives a new meaning to the miles that are ahead!

We started a small tour around the villages to pick and spot some places for you and he stands out as a must do!!

A cloud caught us while we were driving, so after some summer rain and some Elvis we arrived at Koukouli!

Elvis road trip video – caught in a small summer rain from Gaia Guesthouse on Vimeo.

Once you arrive at the parking lot of Koukouli, “Vikoyiatros” or “Vikogiatros” is the first tavern you will meet!
But we are not there for the food…. we are there because his magic potions are heading for a World Guinness Record!! Or at least this is what he works for!!


So there he was, sitting infront of the door of his tavern…writting some poetry!!
What most people don’t know is that apart from his tavern, he is a writer and a poet and he keeps alive the last known stories of one of the oldest indigenous group of greeks called Sarakatsani


So have a chat with him while drinking !! **notice the bottles… we had a few drinks to be able to have a valid opinion on the mystic potions!!

He makes liqueur out of everything!!!


He has currently 120 liqueurs he made out of herbs, fruits and vegetables from the area, mixed with some really good tsipouro! …and we mean everything!! You can not imagine the taste!



He will guide you through the different kind of tastes you can try and you will definitely have a great time getting to know the how and the why in every kind of bottle he has there!

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There are many places worth visiting and if you care to have a chat, you will learn even more little secrets of the area of Zagorochoria, Sarakatsani and little wisdom written on the walls!


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The photo bellow explains exactly what the doctors of Vikos gorge were and why he uses the name! We translated it for you right under the photo:


-“Vikogiatri” or “Vikoyiatri” (plural- one is vikogiatros) were well-known practitioners who worked in the 17th century until the early 20th century. They harvested their herbs in the Vikos gorge and in the surrounding areas and traveled all over Greece and the Balkans, satisfying people’s craving for good health. We try to satisfy all the senses and any wishes for good booze, excellent dishes, traditional desserts, healthy drinks and every benevolent discussion… “Serving tradition“-

So there it is!

Most of all we want you to have fun and have stories to share with us!!  Enjoy!




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