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Photography seminar the “Circle of colors”

A photography seminar that aims to bring you closer to the beauty of nature that hides in Zagorohoria.
One of the best wildlife and landscape photographers of Greece, Panos Laskarakis, will accompany you on a journey of
practice and theory on the particular kind of photography!


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The program :

FRIDAY afternoon acquaintance and relaxation

SUNDAY morning meeting at the reception 1 hour before sunrise for the first photographic search in the village of Dilofo.
The sunrise in the early November village creates a stunning atmosphere giving the golden-colored variegated colors, like a natural photoshop with depth of field, the imposing peaks of Tymphi.

After sunrise return to the guesthouse for breakfast and relaxation.

About 11:00 a meeting in the guesthouse for discussion and theory in landscape photography and photography in general.

We develop the general and special concept of landscape photography but also the techniques needed for unique views of nature.

An hour after lunch we start the second phase of our photographic search in the  area, focusing on the most impressive locations of the Zagorochoria area, such as the Vikos Gorge, for the sunset.

Back to rest until dinner, where we will exchange views on the most important photographic moments of the day.

Sunday morning will be an alternative to morning snapshots in the village if the weather is not sunny Saturday morning.


The temperature in the region of Zagori early November ranges from 17 to 5 C degrees in the morning. You should dress accordingly, with mountaineering boots, waterproof jackets and of course …. necessary photographic equipment with lenses from 11 to 400mm


The rate is set per room at 150 euros (225 for room 4- the triple room) and includes 2 nights, breakfast and seminar.
For any clarification you can send us a message on the guest house’s Facebook page or contact us via email or telephone.

For updates and details, see the event on Facebook HERE


Who is Panos Laskarakis?

His first photographic experiences take place in 2005 and are rapidly evolving into a photographic domino experience, knowledge and technique in various parts of the world such as the Arctic, North American, African, Asian, European and Greek National Parks , capturing life from a differential view.
Photography for me includes wildlife, landscapes and tribes around the world and translates as love, exploration, passion, adventure and creation. I always pursue the ultimate action and feel really alive when I am amidst the greatness of the elements of nature. I could travel for days to the unknown by searching for spontaneous moments and different scenes, even if it is a single photographic shot. Every time I take a seat behind my camera where there is always something different to capture.

The key to make a photo feel alive is hidden in the vast variety of life and cultures as well as in the great spectacles that emerge through the magnificent power of nature.
But photography is not only the delimitation of the image at the place of the main action but also the moment of printing and presentation where nature comes to life in front of the viewers’ eyes in the exhibition space …
There, the feelings of the photographer, the creator and the viewer become one. There the picture acquires substance and is defined in its perfection.

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What he said about Zagorochoria and Epirus:

In the heart of Epirus, Zagorohoria is a network of traditional stone villages, perched on the northern mountain range of Pindos, Mount Tymphi (2497m), and compose a puzzle of unique landscapes, gorges, rivers, stone bridges, giant mountains and alpine lakes. It is a natural wildlife park with a huge variety of flora and fauna. Every season of the year, the greatness of nature is transformed into different representations of colors and forms. In this small beautiful world, I am invited to reveal  the well kept secrets of photography during these photographic missions …

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Panos Laskarakis site

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