Zagori offers a wide variety of activities. We are always at your disposal to help you organise one or more of the following activities during your stay, accompanied by experienced mountain guides.


Suggested routes

We start walking from Dilofo towards the beginning of Vikos Gorge. We cross the impressive Misios stone bridge and continue through the wonderful oak forest up to the stairs of Vitsa – well preserved stone made steps which connect the villages of central Zagori – which will lead us to the center of the village. We rest under the shade of the huge plane and we return to Dilofo.

DURATION: 2.5 hours
DIFFICULTY: Εasy excursion

This excursion includes the main and best-preserved bridges of central Zagori. We surround Dilofo from the two main entrances; the North (Vitsa, Misios bridge) and the eastern one (Captain Arkoudas Bridge). We enjoy the Xeropotamos river (with plenty of water during the winter months) and we walk through the oak wood of the village.

DURATION: 1.5 hours
DIFFICULTY: Easy excursion

The slavic name of the village of Kipoi was “Baya” meaning “bath”, which denotes the existence of a complicating network of streams and rivers around the village. The stone bridges of Milou, Pitsoni, Merisi, Plakida (Tritoxo or Kalogeriko) and Kontodimou (Lazaridis) are excellent examples of the local architecture which has linked perfectly the human work with the natural environment.

DURATION: 2 hours
DIFFICULTY: Easy excursion

We visit the village of Kipoi and the three stone houses which keep and present the history of the village. The private collection of Agapios Toli exhibits folk paintings, textiles, ceramics and furniture. We walk through the village and we reach Vikaki, a branch of Vikos gorge. We cross the impressive Kontodimas bridge and ascending the stairs of Koukouli we reach to the village. The botanical collection of K. Lazaridis in Koukouli exhibits more than 1300 herb species and informs the visitors about the therapeutic properties of the herbs of Zagori. After relaxing in Koukouli we return to the village of Kipoi.

DURATION: 2 hours
DIFFICULTY: Easy excursion

We start our walk from the beautiful cobbled path to visit the monastery of Saint Anargyroi with the rare frescos. We continue downhill towards the heart of the national park and we walk along the river of Voidomatis until we arrive at the famous bridge of Aristi.

DURATION: 2 hour
DIFFICULTY: Very easy excursion

We start walking from Vradeto, the highest village of Zagori, towards the Beloi viewpoint which is 700 meters above the river of Vikos. The magnificent view of Vikos gorge from Beloi, the unique limestone formations, the numerous wild flowers and herbs of the region make this journey unforgettable. We rest in the village café and before our departure we visit the famous stairs of Vradeto.

DURATION: 1.30 hours
DIFFICULTY: Easy excursion

We cross the bridge of Konitsa, one of the tallest stone bridge of Epirus following the footsteps of the ancient travelers and caravans. As we move along the beautiful river, we arrive at the Monastery of Stomio which is located to the neck of the impressive ravine of Aoos.

DURATION: 2.5 hours
DIFFICULTY: Easy excursion

We start walking from the village of Vikos, facing the Astraka mountain over our heads and the turquoise waters of the river of Voidomatis, 300 meters below our feet. Arriving at the bottom of the gorge, we have the opportunity to admire the springs of the river, the variety of the vegetation and numerous of birds. We reach the monastery of Virgin Maria and we return to the village of Vikos following the ascending path.

DURATION: 2.5 hours
DIFFICULTY: Good physical condition is required.

Starting our excursion from the picturesque village of Papiggo, we cross the dense forest until we reach the fountains of Amvragonio and Antalki. We take a rest preparing ourselves for the difficult part of our walk. Ascending the mountain and leaving the alpic zone (1500 m) where the vegetation is almost inexistent, we approach the next two fountains of Trafo and Krouna. Getting closer to the lodge of Astraka, we see Drakolimni circled by the highest mountaintops of Tymfi; Ploskos (2377 m), Astraka (2436 m) and Gamila (2497 m).

DURATION: 9 hours
DIFFICULTY: Good physical condition is required.

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Routes 2, 3, 4, 5 are quite easy and can be done with kids.

Rafting / Kayak


Collecting mushrooms

The collection of mushrooms can be done during the appropriate seasons, in cooperation with the


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