In the surrounding area of ​​Dilofo, in the central Zagori, the traveler can visit the villages of ElatiAspraggelloi, Kipοi, Koukouli, Kapesovo and Tsepelovo.

Ano and Kato Pedina, Vitsa and Monodendri villages, with the cobbled paths, the mansions, the monastery of Agia Paraskevi and the magnificent view of the unique Vikos Gorge, are only 5-10 km distance from Dilofo.

All villages are immersed in pines and fir trees, with many beautiful rivers. Most of the famous arched stone bridges of Zagori (Kokkori and Plakida/Kalogeriko bridges) are located in this area, standing as architectural masterpieces of superb craftsmanship.

The flora and fauna of the area is one of the richest in Greece and hosts many rare species.